Revalidation of studies

For the partial revalidation of the studies of the beneficiaries of the Program, it will be possible to determine percentages lower or higher than those foreseen by article 17 of the Regulations of Revalidations, Establishment of Equivalence and Accreditation of Studies of the University of Guadalajara.
To be admitted to the University, the applicant for this Program will be exempt from presenting the certification (apostille) of the required documents for the revalidation and translation into Spanish of these documents by authorized expert, so that it will suffice to display:

  1. Original or simple copy of the documentation by means of which it accredits the studied studies or in course that wishes to continue in the University
  2. Letter, under protest of truth, that the documents submitted pursuant to the preceding paragraph are authentic or copies of the originals. In the case of minors, this letter must be signed by the person who exercises parental authority or by his mentor
  3. Translation of documents, without the need for it to be carried out by an authorized expert

In case of the applicant enters as a student of the University of Guadalajara, the requirements regarding certification (apostille) and translation into Spanish by authorized expert must be satisfied during a reasonable time, for such effect determine the Commission of Revalidation of Studies, Degrees and Degrees of the respective Center or System, without this term can exceed one year and must be submitted before the corresponding study program.