To be considered an applicant for the Program, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Submit an application, in the established format for that purpose, to enter one of the study programs offered at the University of Guadalajara at the levels contemplated in this Program, in which it expresses its interest to initiate or continue his studies at the University of Guadalajara;
  2. Submit an official document with which it accredits that it has Mexican nationality, in accordance with article 3 of the Nationality Law;
  3. Submit an official document with which he / she proves to have been repatriated from USA. In case of not having the previous document, the present requirement can be accredited with the letter that, under protest of truth, is subscribed according to the format that for that purpose is established. In the case of minors, this letter must be signed by the person exercising parental authority or by his mentor;
  4. Submit an original or simple copy of the documents that accredits to have realized studies in some institution of education of USA;
    In case of not having the documentation that accredits the studies that he was studying until his return, the interested party will be able to provide information of his academic antecedents to the University, in order that this determines if through the institutional mechanisms that have established with The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) and various educational institutions in the USA, can obtain copies of documents or confirmation of data electronically; However, until such documents are obtained, this requirement will not be fulfilled.
  5. Submit the letter stating, under the protest to tell the truth, that all data provided are reliable and that the documents that are authentic or copies of the originals. In the case of minors, the letter must be signed by the person exercising parental authority or by his mentor.

The presentation and accreditation of the requirements described above does not imply that the people considered as candidates may benefit from this Program, since such determination must be made by the corresponding university bodies.